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DYE-VL Photorejuvenation Treatment by Canvas Medical Spa in Mount Kisco NY

DYE-VL Photorejuvenation in Mount Kisco, NY

DYE-VL Photorejuvenation is a cutting-edge treatment designed to address pigmented and vascular lesions and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on both the face and body. This advanced procedure is particularly effective in treating sun damage in various areas, including the neck, chest, shoulders, and back. Using Harmony laser-light technology by Alma™, a renowned name in the IPL and laser field, DYE-VL PhotoRejuvenation emits precise light wavelengths that target and diminish unwanted skin lesions and signs of aging. The procedure is performed by our highly skilled staff, who are adept in using this specialized vascular and pigmented lesion laser treatment and are experts in identifying the ideal candidates for the procedure.

For those interested in rejuvenating their skin and achieving a more youthful, even-toned appearance, DYE-VL Photorejuvenation at Canvas Medical Spa in Kisco, NY, offers a safe and effective solution. Results can be observed gradually over time, with improvements typically lasting for several months. We invite you to book an appointment with our experienced team to discover how this state-of-the-art treatment can benefit you.

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Benefits of DYE-VL Photorejuvenation


Ideal candidates are those seeking to improve skin tone, treat lesions, or reduce signs of aging, and have skin types suitable for light-based treatments.

Results vary, but many clients start noticing improvements within a few weeks of treatment.

The longevity of results can last several months and may vary based on individual skin conditions and lifestyle factors.

There is minimal to no downtime. Some clients might experience slight redness or swelling, which typically resolves quickly.

Avoid sun exposure and certain skincare products before treatment. After treatment, follow post-care instructions, such as sunscreen and gentle skincare.

Clients experience minimal discomfort, similar to a light snap against the skin, as the laser targets and treats skin imperfections.

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