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Brow Lamination Treatment at Canvas Medical Spa by Shil in Mount Kisco NY

Brow Lamination in Mount Kisco, NY

Brow Lamination is a popular beauty treatment designed to create full, smooth, and well-defined eyebrows. This non-invasive procedure involves restructuring eyebrow hairs to keep them in the desired shape, offering a polished and refined look. It’s particularly effective for taming unruly or thinning brows, giving the illusion of volume and fullness. During a Brow Lamination treatment, your aesthetician applies a special solution that alters the hair structure, followed by brushing and setting the brows in their new position. It’s ideal for anyone looking to enhance the natural look of their brows without resorting to permanent makeup or daily styling. The results are immediate and can last between four to six weeks. This treatment is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance solution to keep their eyebrows looking consistently styled and groomed.

Transform your brows with the art of Brow Lamination at Canvas Medical Spa in Kisco, NY. Our experienced aestheticians will help you achieve the flawless, natural-looking brows you desire. Book your appointment today and wake up every morning to perfectly styled brows without the daily fuss.

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Benefits of Brow Lamination:


Anyone looking to enhance the appearance of their eyebrows, especially those with unruly or thinning brows.
The results of a Brow Lamination treatment are immediately visible right after the treatment.
The effects typically last four to six weeks. Maintenance treatments can be performed six weeks after your last appointment as the hair naturally sheds and grows.
There is no downtime associated with Brow Lamination, and side effects are rare but can include mild irritation.
Before treatment, avoid using brow makeup or exfoliants. Afterward, keep brows dry for 24 hours and avoid rubbing.
Expect a quick, painless procedure involving the application of a brow-setting solution and styling of your brows. Plan to spend an hour or less at your appointment.
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